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Got the woof? Get Inspawration!

16 sheets of high-quality, inspirational graffiti stickers to fill your world with words! Stick them on your scooter, your notebook, or anywhere else that could use a little Barksy pawsitivity. Word hounds everywhere can’t get enough of these smart, motivating, or just downright silly stickers featuring Barksy, the street art star of our Epic Word Adventure mobile game.

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  • Ages 6–11
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Or Get one of Mrs Wordsmith’s bestselling books!

My Epic Life Word Book

Ages 5–8 / The must-have manual to make school an epic learning adventure.

Storyteller's Illustrated Dictionary

Ages 7–11 / 1000+ words to take your storytelling to the next level.
Multi-award-winning Amazon Best Seller.

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My Epic Life Word Book

Ages 5–8

  • 1000+ words every child needs to know, hilariously illustrated
  • Topics include labelling emotions, building character, food and hygiene, basic maths, and technology

A groundbreaking word book for the 21st century, designed to inspire every child to live a truly epic life. It's the must-have manual for kids, tackling everything the world can throw at a young child: labelling emotions, building character, food and hygiene, basic maths, and even the future of technology. Kids will it to bed with them, make friends with the characters, and wake up hungry for words!

Original price $21.99

Storyteller's Illustrated Dictionary

Ages 7–11

The only dictionary kids love to read from cover to cover because it's so fun.

The world's only Hollywood-illustrated storyteller's dictionary is the most up-to-date and comprehensive dictionary for budding storytellers everywhere. Designed to help kids write brilliant stories, excel at school and in life.

Find writing inspiration! Whether kids know exactly what they want to write about or they’re totally stuck, Storyteller’s Illustrated Dictionary is packed with thousands of words of inspiration.

Original price $21.99

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