Storyteller's Illustrated Dictionary

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The only dictionary kids love to read from cover to cover because it's so fun.

The world's only Hollywood-illustrated storyteller's dictionary is the most up-to-date and comprehensive dictionary for budding storytellers everywhere. Designed to help kids write brilliant stories, excel at school and in life.

Find writing inspiration! Whether kids know exactly what they want to write about or they’re totally stuck, Storyteller’s Illustrated Dictionary is packed with thousands of words of inspiration.

Structure your story! With richly descriptive vocabulary arranged into six key building blocks of storytelling - Character, Setting, Taste and Smell, Action, Emotion and Weather - it has never been easier for kids to make sure they’re using mind-blowing language throughout their stories.

Learn words! We used data science to identify words that kids are likely to come across in classic children’s literature, and Hollywood creativity to make them both hilarious and unforgettable. All illustrated words are presented with three commonly occurring and colourful word pairs, giving kids even more ideas for richly described, compelling storytelling.

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1000+ key storytelling words

All of the most useful and relevant storytelling words, split across easy-to-navigate key themes: Character, Weather, Taste & Smell, Action, Emotion and Setting.

Hundreds of inspiring illustrations

From Craig Kellman, the Hollywood artist behind Madagascar and Hotel Transylvania’s unforgettable characters, come hundreds of hilarious illustrations.

The Benefits

Encourages independent learning

Comprehensive and formal enough to be used by serious adult writers, while intuitive enough to encourage young writers to explore and learn independently.

Boosts reading and writing confidence

The Storyteller's Illustrated Dictionary is the ultimate writer's companion, even when you’re not writing. By putting the joy back into word learning, we’re helping to boost confidence in both reading and writing.

Builds a red hot vocabulary

Some words in the Storyteller's Illustrated Dictionary young writers will know, while others will be completely new. Build and strengthen that vocabulary while becoming a master storyteller.

Develops transferable skills

Stories are how people communicate, socially and at work. Developing strong, word-rich story skills now, will pay dividends for years to come.

Plugs writers into the heart of literacy

The Storyteller's Illustrated Dictionary is built with the support of Prof Susan Neuman, Professor of Early Childhood and Literacy Education, and Chair of the Department of Teaching and Learning at NYU's Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development.

Data-driven word curation

Our writers used machine learning and worked with professors, teachers and lexicographers to curate the best possible range of storytelling words for writers.

What our customers say

quote Mrs Wordsmith reinforces words that children might not remember from reading (or apply in creative writing), and puts them in an everyday context. Definitely recommend if you want to support increasing your child’s accessible vocabulary.
quote My daughter really likes Mrs Wordsmith resources. And she's not a natural bookworm, much as I've tried.. This is particularly good for kids who would rather do just about anything but read.

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